Carlos Zuniga

Hi!, my name is Carlos Zúñiga, I'm originally from San José, Costa Rica. I'm married to the lovely Maricel Quesada, and we have a big fluffly white Samoyed named Sam.

I currently work for Google Inc. as a Software Engineer, mostly writing Java and Javascript.

I'm passionate about Unit Testing, Design Patterns and Software Engineering in general. In my spare time I like to hang out with friends, watch TV, play basketball and program :D

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    To build and architect web applications that provide great value to the users, achieving maximum realiability, extensibility and maintainability through the use of modern software development techniques such as test driven development, pair programming, agressive refactoring and overall great attention to detail.


    • Ability to improve and evolve processes and practices for Software Engineering.
    • Mentoring skills to help other team members reach their potential.
    • Extensive experience building web applications.
    • Fast understanding of complex systems built using disparate technologies.
    • Self-motivated and entreprenurial.


    Presentations Taken at Manuel Antonio by Mari

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